1. South Michigan Avenue Reconstruction, City of Chicago
  2. North Michigan Avenue Reconstruction, City of Chicago
  3. Martingale Road Reconstruction, Village of Schaumburg
  4. Chicago Skyway Pier Renovation, City of Chicago
  5. Village of Northbrook Roadways Renovation, Village of Northbrook
  6. Deerfield Toll Plaza and Roadway Modification, Illinois Tollway
  7. I-90 Kennedy Expressway Reconstruction, IDOT
  8. I-57 Reconstruction, IDOT
  9. Howard/Niles Center Road Renovation, Village of Skokie
  10. Construction Engineering for Roadways, City of Chicago
  1. METRA Millennium Park Structure, Metropolitan Rail Chicago
  2. CTA Skokie Yard Reconstruction, Chicago Transit Authority
  3. Wisconsin Central Railroad Siding, Metropolitan Rail METRA
  4. CTA Howard Yard Expansion and Repair Facility, Chicago Transit Authority
  5. Metropolitan Railroad Station in Deerfield, Glenview, and Homewood, Illinois, Metropolitan Rail
  6. METRA 115th Street Retaining Wall and Platform, City of Chicago
  7. METRA Platform and Roadways for 22 Stations in 6 County Area of Illinois
  8. Construction Engineering for Transit Project, City of Chicago
  9. Chicago Union Station-Lake Street Interlocking Rehabilitation, AMTRAK

Elgin O’Hare Western Access Tollway, U.S. 20 to Illinois Route 83

O’Hare – Elgin Expressway
DuPage County, IL.


Illinois Tollway/ Civiltech
Engineering, Inc.


$75 Millions

Detailed Narrative Description of Project & Services provided:

Design Consulting Engineers (DCE) is sub consultant under Civiltech Engineering, Inc. for Construction Management
services on Elgin O’Hare Western Access Tollway, U.S. 20 to Illinois Route 83. This project is for the construction of
Illinois Route 390 between Arlington Heights Rd and Lively Boulevard in DuPage County, Illinois. This project also
includes the new construction of Express Lane, Bridges, Shoulder, Drainage structure and hazardous waste control.
DCE will provide Project Management, Resident Engineering and Field Engineering Services on this project.

Activities of this Project:
  • Review project specific plans and specifications.
  • Perform on-site inspection.
  • Review layout of contract including design changes.
  • Provide geotechnical inspection and testing.
  • Review shop drawings/submittals.
  • Prepare records, maintain documentation, submit pay estimates and change orders and any other duties requiring the services of an engineer to complete this project on a timely basis and in accordance with Tollwayspecifications.
  • Review and make comments on Pre-Final Design Plans submitted to the Tollway for constructability.
  • Maintain Master project files, project close-out and as built drawing of new construction.


City of Chicago
Illinois, U.S.A.


Chicago Department of Transportation

Detailed Narrative Description of Project & Services provided:

Design Consulting Engineers has been providing design review and construction management and engineering services for the City of Chicago Department of Transportation Projects since 1990. DCE has again been selected as a retainer consultant to provide design review, construction management and engineering services for a period of seven years, from 2014 to 2020. The projects consist of reconstruction of bridge and existing structure, bituminous pavement removal, pavement patching, structure adjustments, miscellaneous concrete work, hot asphalt mix resurfacing, installation of ADA compliant ramps in accordance with current CDOT standards and installation of new residential and/or arterial street lighting.

Activities of this Project:
  • Review project specific plans and specifications
  • Review site conditions and document existing conditions
  • Develop general safety review plan and material Testing guidelines
  • Review shop drawings/submittals
  • Log and Transmit Shop Drawings/Transmittals
  • Monitor/Update Material Certifications
  • Inspect Incorporated Materials
  • Update and issue material test report logs
  • Coordinate and monitor material testing firms
  • Inspect General Construction
  • Inspection of pedestrian/vehicular traffic control
  • Maintain Master Project Files
  • Project close-out and As-built

United airlines “blue sky” data center
Detailed Narrative Description of Project & Services provided:

Design Consulting Engineers (DCE) was selected by Jones Lang LaSalle to provide construction phase
inspection and testing services on the United Airlines “Blue Sky” Data Center Project. A single story structure
off 193,000 square feet area, built to accommodate and handle worldwide data transmission of United Airlines
operations. A state of the art project with high tech features and innovative construction technology and design.
The building was designed to withstand 200 mph wind storms and anticipation of huge energy development
during data transmission. 5’ of coarse aggregate backfill placement, inspection and testing of heat conduction
properties, construction of large Kyoto fan foundations were some of the special inspection and testing features.

Activities of this Project:
  • Caisson foundation and soil inspection.
  • Study of Thermal Conductivity Properties of backfill materials.
  • Proof Roll inspection and consolidation monitoring for building pad area, roadways and parking lot.
  • Inspection and testing of soil, foundation, subgrade base and backfill materials.
  • Pre-cast concrete inspection and testing at shop and field.
  • Inspection and testing of massive slab on grade concrete.
  • Review, inspection, and testing of structural steel at field.
  • Review, inspection, and testing of concrete and asphalt paving.
  • Quality control plan monitoring.
  • Masonry and Fireproofing Inspection and Testing.
  • Floor Flatness and Floor Levelness inspection and testing.
  • Preparation of final inspection and testing reports.
  • Submitting daily field inspection and laboratory testing reports to client via e-mail in PDF format.

Metra UP West/Northwest Line Upgrade Projects

Preliminary Environmental Site Assessment (PESA) Reports

URS CorporationContact: Robert Andrews

Tel: 312.697.7206


Detailed Narrative Description of Project & Services provided:

DCE has been selected by URS Corporation to provide Preliminary Environmental Site Assessment (PESA) services for the Metra UP West and Northwest Line Upgrade Projects. These projects include the PESA reports for the proposed construction of a 3.5mile 3rd track addition, one interlocking reconstruction, eighteen platform expansions, two layover yards, one layover yard expansion, and three stations. DCE performed these PESA reports in an effort to identify the existing conditions of the sites, adverse health effects of human exposure to environmental hazard, and potential environmental concern associated with the subject sites. DCE performed these PESA reports in accordance with the Manual for Conducting Preliminary Environmental Site Assessments for Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) Highway Projects, FTA guidelines, and ASTM E 1527.

Major Activities of this project:
Rehab of CTA Purple Line Viaduct & Retaining Walls Dempster and Main Street Station Reconstruction

CTA Purple line Howard to Linden Street (Evanston) Illinois, U.S.A.

Chicago Transit Authority (CTA)Contact: Nate Morriss

Tel: 312- 424-5409

Fee: $425,000
Detailed Narrative Description of Project & Services provided:

DCE and Edward kelcey have been selected by CTA to provide design and construction support services for rehab of the Purple line viaducts and retaining walls and reconstruction of Main Street and Dempster Street station (Evanston, IL). This project includes twenty-seven (27) grade separation structures, a truss-span waterway crossing, and eight (8) passenger stations, from CTA Red Line to Linden Avenue in Wilmette. The project company includes the following scope of services:

Replace and rehabilitate six (6) concrete Viaduct bridges
Major Activities of this project:

Roosevelt/State Street Chicago, Illinois

Chicago Department of TransportationBureau of Bridges & Transit/ CTA

Contact: Christopher Kent

Tel: 312- 744-3613

Fee: $750,000
Detailed Narrative Description of Project & Services provided:

This Transfer Tunnel consists of a new 300′ underground East-West Tunnel connecting the existing State/Roosevelt Red Line Underground Subway with a 105′ North-South extension to the exiting ground level station house for the Green/Orange Line. The project includes an addition of station House, elevator, escalator and stair. Removal of fuel tanks and contaminated soil from the project site as per EPA/CDOE guidelines. Reconstruction of Michigan Avenue including repair and connection of water and sewer lines. Architectural finish of subway and elevated station houses. Design Consulting Engineers (DCE) served as a prime engineering consultant to the City of Chicago, Bureau of Bridge and Transit and monitored all phases of constructions submittals, responded to field information, coordinated design and field construction meetings, documented construction work, recorded field measurements and quantities, reviewed contractors pay request and maintained record book. On this project, DCE also provided Mechanical and Electrical system design, inspection, equipment selection and installation for:

1. Fire Monitoring & Alarm System:

The existing fire and smoke detector system of the project did not meet with the Fire Building Code requirements of City of Chicago. This system was updated to meet the new building code requirements with the installation of addressable smoke detection and alarm system with 24 hour fire monitoring services coordinate CTA and Fire department.

2. HVAC system for Elevator & Machine Room:

DCE provided services to design the ventilation system with exhaust blowers and electrical heaters. A roof mounted exhaust fan with 1200CFM capacity and 2 electrical heaters were provided for the machine room

3. UPS System & CCTV System:

DCE provided the services for the selection of Uninterrupted Power System for the underground tunnel in the event of electrical failure. Close Circuit TV System for safety and security of the tunnel and in build music system are other salient features of this outstanding project.

  1. Design-Build O’Hare International Terminal 6 with T6 Partner BECHTEL, City of Chicago
  2. Air Traffic Control Tower-Midway Airport, City of Chicago
  3. O’Hare Airport Runway/Taxiway Reconstruction DOA6010, City of Chicago
  4. O’Hare Airport Taxiway Reconstruction AIP#ODP647-1, City of Chicago
  5. O’Hare Airport Holding Pad DOA, H-6010, City of Chicago
  6. Midway Airport Runway 4L-22R Reconstruction, City of Chicago
  7. Midway Airport M2040, City of Chicago
  8. Midway Airport Parking Lot Reconstruction, City of Chicago
  9. O’Hare International Terminal 5, City of Chicago
  10. O’Hare Access Roadways, City of Chicago

Request for Qualifications for Owner’s Representation Consulting Services For the O’Hare and Midway Capital Improvement Programs Specification No. 79753



Project Description:Hare Modernization Program – Design Package Relocation of Willow-Higgins Creek
Mactec / DCE selected by OMP to provide Phase I engineering services for the relocation of the Willow Higgins Creek. The service including Geo-technical engineering services to all Mactec team members as well as OMP / BBA for design of different components of the Creek Relocation Project.

Date of Performance: 03/2004 – 04/2005

Date of Completion: 04/2005

Project Location: O’Hare International Airport

Respondent’s Involvement in Project:

Design Consulting Engineers’ responsibilities for this project are as follows:

Dollar Value of Project: 0.2 Million (Firm’s Fee)

Key Staff Involved and Role in Project:

Client References:

Name:Claus Dunkelberg (Mactec Engineering)

Title:Project Manager

Name:Jeffrey Druckman (Mactec Engineering)

Title:Project Executive

Name:Kip Smith (Mactec Engineering)

Title:Principal Engineer

Address:5440 N. Cumberland Ave, Ste. 250, Chicago, IL 60656

Telephone:(773) 693-6030.



O’Hare International Airport Chicago, IL

United Airlines Lend LeaseContact: Andy Gilbert: 312-656-1087

Fee: $350,000.00
Detailed Narrative Description of Project & Services provided:

Design Consulting Engineers (DCE) was selected by United Airlines/Bovis Lend Lease to provide construction phase inspection and testing services on the United Airlines Cargo Relocation Project. The project is a part of the City of Chicago O’Hare Modernization Program. The total cargo area is 288,000sqft with 500,000sqft of parking pavement and loading dock area. The cargo building structures are pre-cast exterior panel with structural steel frame and roofing. This building is designed to comply with the City of Chicago’s green roof criteria. The total construction budget for this project is approximately $80 Million. The project work consists of compliance with OMP’s master specifications, as well as United Airlines project specifications. DCE’s involvement on this project was to provide design review, construction supervision of structural steel, material testing, inspection, and documentation.

Activities of this Project:
  1. Michigan Avenue Road Bridge Structure from Monroe St. to Randolph St., City of Chicago
  2. South Michigan Avenue Bridge Structure, City of Chicago
  3. Monroe Street Bascule Bridge over Chicago River, City of Chicago
  4. Cermak Road Bascule Bridge over Chicago River, City of Chicago
  5. Duffy Lane Bridge over I-94, Illinois Tollway
  6. Western Boulevard Exodermic Viaduct Bridge, City of Chicago
  7. METRA Courtland Bridge over Courtland Road, Village of Mundelein
  8. METRA Central Station Bridge in Evanston, City of Evanston
  9. Construction Engineering for Bridge Project, City of Chicago

Tollway Project Experience

DCE has been selected for the North Texas Tollway Authority (NTTA) ROAD Program

DCE has been selected to participate in the NTTA’s third Relationships and Opportunities Advancing Diversity (ROAD) program from the year 2014 to 2016. The program is designed to provide greater access to resources, products and/or services that can provide support in expanding business operations. The ROAD Program seeks to promote and facilitate relationships between prime contractors and consultants to foster opportunities for D/M/WBEs to participate in large contracts with the NTTA. Current 2014-2016 ROAD Program Participants:

AECOM Technical Services, Inc. ARS Engineers, Inc.
Atkins Inc. Solaray Engineering, Inc.
Burns & McDonnell Engineering Co.,Inc. Bowman Engineering & Consulting
CDM Smith Iconic Consulting Group, Inc.
Freese and Nichols VRX, Inc.
Chicago Bridge & Infrastructure Pegasus Construction
HDR Engineering, Inc. SE3, LLC
HNTB Corporation Multatech Engineering, Inc.
Kellogg Brown & Root Services, Inc. CAS Consulting & Services, Inc.
Locke Lord / Taylor Law Firm TheWillis Law Group
Brown & Gay Mas-Tek Engineering & Associates, Inc.
EJES, Inc. Design Consulting Engineers
Bridgefarmer & Associates White Hawk Engineering and Design
Jacobs Engineering Group Inc. Aguirre Roden, Inc.
Mario Sinacola & Sons LEMCO Construction Services, L.P.
Project Contact:

Mr. Anthony L. Coleman
North Texas Tollway Authority
Ph: 214-224-2288

Northwest Tollway Shoulder Resurfacing, Construction of Crossover,
Emergency pullouts and Intermittent Pavement from
M.P. 61.4 (Cherry Valley) to MP 74.5 (Rockton Road)

Role of the Firm:Construction Inspection and Testing Services

Client Name:ISHTA – Louis Jones Enterprise

Name and Contract Phone:Mustafa Hassan, P.E. – Illinois Tollway / (630)241-6800 Paul M. Dalbey, PE / (217) 365 – 4550 for I-MIRS reporting

Period of Involvement:2007

Location of the Project:I – 90 – Rockford Illinois M.P. 61.4 to 74.5

We have provided Construction Inspection and Material Testing Services for the I-90-Tollway
Advanced construction project, between mile post 61.4 to 74.5 with Louis Jones Enterprise and
A. Epstein & Sons. The project scope of services included construction inspection,
documentation of contract quantities, sub grade inspection, material coordination and testing
of soil, concrete, and HMA materials, HMA and SMA, plant and jobsite inspection and laboratory
testing, bridge deck inspection and documentation. Material inspection and testing, data
management and reporting the testing data in Tollway material management software I-MIRS.

Tri-State Tollway widening and Duffy Lane Bridge Reconstruction

Role of the Firm:Construction Inspection and Testing Services

Client Name:URS Corporation (Dames and Moore)

Name and Contract Phone:Jeff , (312) 577 – 6453

Period of Involvement:1997 – 1998

Location of the Project:I – 294 and Duffy lane

Design Consulting Engineers was retained by URS / ISTHA for Construction Inspection and
material Testing Services for the reconstruction of Duffy land bridge and widening of lane.

The work for this project involves the final design review and construction inspection of
reconstruction on the Duffy Lane Bridge, a composite steel and concrete structure crossing over
the Tri-State Tollway, construction of additional fourth lane and reconfiguration of detention
pond, construction of non-stop I-PASS lane at Deerfield Toll Plaza and additional toll collection
booths, retaining wall and box culvert at west fork on the north branch of the Chicago River,
surface and sub-surface drainage facilities, wet-land mitigation, protection and maintenance of
traffic for cross roads and intersecting roadways, median cross-overs for maintenance of traffic,
signing along the mainline roadways, ramps and crossroads, including overhead and groundmount

Additionally, DCE is responsible for review of fabrication shop drawings, manufactures
certificate and material test reports (mechanical and electrical), final measurements,
calculations and contract records documents for the Illinois State Toll Highway Authority (ISTHA).


Role of the Firm: Construction Engineering Services

Contact Person:Ric Brennan, Teng and Associates/ (312)616-7370

Design Consulting Engineers served as sub-consultant to Teng and Associates on this
reconstruction project. The engineering services included reviewing plan and specifications,
construction supervision, construction survey and staking, quality control inspection and material
testing, measurement, computation and documentation of quantities, report and record
keeping, final measurements and as-built plans.


Role of the Firm: Construction Inspection and Material Testing Services

Contact Person:John Bagliere, CTE Engineers/ (312)938-0300

Design Consulting Engineers served as sub-consultant to CTE Engineers on this reconstruction
project. The engineering services included construction inspection, quality control inspection
and material testing, measurement, computation, and documentation of quantities, report and
record keeping, and final inspection reports for IDOT.

List of Tollway Projects From 1990 – 1995
  1. Try-State Tollway, Project No.: CIP-93-686
    Construction Inspection and Testing
  2. East-West Tollway, I-80/I-59, Project No.: MIP-87-384A
    Field supervision and Materials testing
  3. North-South Tollway, I-355/75th St., Project No : MIP-93-680
    Asphalt and Concrete Plant Inspection
  4. North-West Tollway, I-90/I-59
    Construction Inspection and Testing
  5. I -90 / Skyway
    Asphalt and Concrete Plant Inspection