United airlines “blue sky” data center

Detailed Narrative Description of Project & Services provided:

Design Consulting Engineers (DCE) was selected by Jones Lang LaSalle to provide construction phase
inspection and testing services on the United Airlines “Blue Sky” Data Center Project. A single story structure
off 193,000 square feet area, built to accommodate and handle worldwide data transmission of United Airlines
operations. A state of the art project with high tech features and innovative construction technology and design.
The building was designed to withstand 200 mph wind storms and anticipation of huge energy development
during data transmission. 5’ of coarse aggregate backfill placement, inspection and testing of heat conduction
properties, construction of large Kyoto fan foundations were some of the special inspection and testing features.

Activities of this Project:
  • Caisson foundation and soil inspection.
  • Study of Thermal Conductivity Properties of backfill materials.
  • Proof Roll inspection and consolidation monitoring for building pad area, roadways and parking lot.
  • Inspection and testing of soil, foundation, subgrade base and backfill materials.
  • Pre-cast concrete inspection and testing at shop and field.
  • Inspection and testing of massive slab on grade concrete.
  • Review, inspection, and testing of structural steel at field.
  • Review, inspection, and testing of concrete and asphalt paving.
  • Quality control plan monitoring.
  • Masonry and Fireproofing Inspection and Testing.
  • Floor Flatness and Floor Levelness inspection and testing.
  • Preparation of final inspection and testing reports.
  • Submitting daily field inspection and laboratory testing reports to client via e-mail in PDF format.