Material Testing & Inspection

Design Consulting Engineers (DCE) provides quality Assurance / Quality Control (QA/QC) services that encompass the major segments of the construction process. The firm has fully equipped laboratory services for soil, aggregate, concrete, and bituminous materials inspection and testing. DCE also offers extensive experience with non-destructive testing of concrete and structural steel.

DCE’s specific inspection and testing experience includes the following areas:

Aggregate Inspection and Testing:

Evaluation of aggregates and aggregate deposits based upon gradation analysis, abrasion tests, soundness, hardness and toughness of particles, freeze/thaw durability tests, relative density, and proctor density tests

Asphalt Inspection and Testing:

Design of asphaltic concrete mixes using Marshall, Hubbard Field, Hveem and Super pave methods. Design analysis of mix design. Asphaltic concrete tests such as Marshall Stability tests, extraction tests, core density tests, air void tests, maximum specific gravity tests and asphalt contest tests. Field inspection and control of pavement and field density test, asphalt plant inspection and controlling of the mixed formulas.

Concrete Inspection and Testing:

Design and analysis of low and high concrete mixes. Testing of concrete for compressive and flexural strengths. Diamond core drilling and non-destructive testing and evaluation. Testing of pre-stressed and pre-cast members. Field control tests and field control during construction. Batch plant inspection and batch weight analysis during plant operation. Engineering consultation, evaluation and reports.

Masonry Inspection and Testing:

Design on non-reinforced and reinforced masonry wall. Design of mortar mixes, mortar testing, block and brick tests including compressive strength tests, prism tests, moisture absorption and linear shrinkage tests. Field inspection and control of masonry construction. Engineering, consultation, evaluation, and reports.


Non-Destructive and Structural Steel Inspection and Testing

Field erection inspection of structural steel, including high tension bolt testing and inspection, and welding inspection and testing. Fabrication and mill inspection and testing, including welder qualification, testing and inspection. Testing and inspection of reinforced steel, including field Examination of steel by ultrasonic and magnetic particle tests. Inspection of web penetrations in composite steel beams and rocker support.

Fireproofing and Firestopping Inspection and Testing:

Analysis and review of fireproofing and firestopping mixes in accordance with Underwriter Laboratories specification. Field inspection and testing of spread-on- fireproofing and firestopping materials which include thickness tests and bond testing. Laboratory test of density for fireproofing and firestopping materials. Engineering consultation, evaluation, and reports.

Waterproofing Inspection and Testing:

Analysis and review of waterproofing materials. Field inspection and testing of waterproofing materials. Peel Strength Tests of waterproofing membrane.

Specialized Inspection Services:

Inspection Procedure & Program Underwater Inspection Short Term & Long Term Inspection Proof Testing of Anchor Rods Load Test of Rebars Mechanical & Electrical Inspection

Pile Load Testing
Beam Load Testing
Compressive Strength by Maturity Method