Feb 11 2019

Design Consulting Engineers, Inc

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Happy New Year from Design Consulting Engineers, Inc. (DCE) and thanks to all our new year party and laboratory open house visitors.

We presented the following special inspection presentation during our lab open house visit. Please click on the link below to view the presentation.

  • Video Inspection of caisson foundation, tunnel and drainage line
  • Noise and vibration monitoring
  • Damage control and deep foundation settlement monitoring
  • Underground utilities and ground penetration radar survey (GPR)
  • Floor flatness and floor levelness using dipstick and straight edge method.
  • Air Infiltration bond and bubble test
  • Physical beam load test for building and bridge structures
  • Pull adhesive test for anchors and vapor barriers
  • Stain gauge crack monitoring for buildings and bridges
  • Non-destructive test of concrete and rebar scanning
  • Field measurement of concrete strength using maturity meter for PT stressing
  • Rebar and PT (post-tensioning) inspection
  • Impact attenuation and Head injury criteria (HIC) test for playground surface
  • Intumescent paint inspection and thickness test for building and bridges
  • Moisture vapor emission rate of concrete
  • Steel weldability test for existing beam and column structure for buildings and bridges
  • Inspection of fabrication shop and manufacturing plants
  • Existing condition inspection of building and bridges
  • Field inspection and Test of concrete, soil, asphalt, steel, steel deck and fireproofing and waterproofing materials
  • Clean soil test and certifications- CCDD and EPA certification.



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